Abdominal Imaging

Study: CT Colonography Better Option for Colorectal Cancer Screening

New findings support the use of CTC for accurately evaluating the colon for cancer.

UCSF Researches Non-invasive Procedure to Track Liver Disease

Obesity affects many Americans – including children. Many overweight people can develop liver problems, a condition known as “non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,” or NAFLD. In this condition, there is increased fat in the liver which can cause further liver damage.

Radiology’s Role in Evaluating and Treating Obesity

Obesity is a major problem in the United States and many other countries in the world. Most people don't think of radiology as being important in the medical evaluation and treatment of obesity—but it is!

CT a Critical Tool in Assessing Abdominal Pain in Emergency Rooms

According to an article on PhysOrg.com, a study has found that "the use of CT scanning to evaluate abdominal pain in emergency departments can help physicians arrive at a diagnosis quickly and decisively,” and that “information provided by CT scans changed treatment plans for almost half the patients studied and significantly reduced probable hospital admissions."

UCSF & GE Team Up to Study Prostate Cancer

This week, UCSF announced a potential new test which is about to enter Phase 1 clinical trials, which will use a special MRI exam to help doctors look at not just the prostate cancer tumor itself, but also how fast it is growing, and how quickly it is responding to any medicine or treatment.