The data underlying a new study on breast cancer screening clearly show that mammography catches more cancers early and save lives by reducing the number of women with cancers of advanced size, according to the American College of Radiology and the Society of Breast Imaging.

Mammography and biopsies are important tools in breast cancer detection and diagnosis, but some women face barriers both to access and understanding of the procedures. Avon Breast Center's Mary McGinty’s job is to remove those barriers.

For women living and working near downtown San Francisco, there’s a new choice for comprehensive health care. The UCSF Imaging Center at Montgomery Street offers advanced imaging services as one of three practices in the integrated UCSF Medical Center at Montgomery Street.

UCSF is a major referral center for all types of strokes and diseases affecting the brain, head, neck, and spine. Dr. Randall Higashida, chief of neuro interventional radiology, explains why seeking medical attention immediately is crucial.

Breast cancer survivor Laura Holmes Haddad has a new outlook on life. Since battling the disease, she’s become an advocate and voice for cancer patients

For patients battling breast cancer, feeling simply like a medical record number can be devastating. UCSF’s breast cancer care team, made up of doctors, techs, and nurses, understands the importance of developing a deep and supportive connection with patients during such a trying and emotional time.