When most people think of breast imaging, they immediately think of mammography. Mammography remains the mainstay of breast imaging, but this subspecialty area of radiology has evolved rapidly and substantially during the last several decades to include several other advances technologies that aid in the detection and diagnoses of breast diseases. I recently discussed the advances in mammography and breast imaging as a whole in San Francisco Medicine.

“The San Francisco VA has taken care of me from head to toe. I owe them my life.” These were the words from James K. Theriault, who shared the story of his recent journey from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, where he underwent a crucial procedure to address his blocked carotid and vertebral arteries, performed by the world renowned Interventional Radiology department at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

Cathy Garzio, MBA, administrative director of three UCSF departments including the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, will leave UCSF after nearly 25 years of service.

I was fortunate to be named the 2014 ASNR Outreach Professor for Mumbai, India, a position which allowed me the opportunity to travel across the world to lecture, perform case reviews and speak at the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association annual meeting

In a recent survey of patients’ experiences by Medicare, UCSF Medical Center earned four out of a possible five stars and scored above the average for California hospitals in every category!

The UCSF Women’s Imaging group is proud to announce the arrival of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis at the Avon Comprehensive Breast Center at San Francisco General Hospital.